Chem4LS Consulting


Chemistry consultancy for the Life Sciences, biotech, startups, tech transfer offices, funding agencies and venture capital


An expert chemist by your side to take care of the chemistry in your life science projects, to design and follow your custom synthesis contracts, exemplify and secure your IP

Medicinal Chemistry

Helping you to select your next best compounds for testing, with improved activity, selectivity, stability, solubility, metabolism, and more

Chemical Biology

Broad expertise in small molecule design, and also peptides, small scaffolded proteins, bioconjugates, biodegradable polymers: let’s use the molecular toolbox for therapeutic innovation


The IT behind the e-molecules, to proces and store your chemical data, to predict activities and properties, to design your next best coumpounds

an expert chemist at your side to maximize your chance of success

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I'm Olivier Lavergne, PhD
put your chemistry in the hands of an expert

I have 30 years of experience of research as scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Wayne State University and an Ingénieur degree from l’Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon

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